Best services

Concept Art

Creative and graphic development for TV Animated Series, ADS and multimedia campaigns.

Character Design

Character design development for different targets. From Concept Art to Model Clean

Model Pack

Background, Character Design and Props. Work flow and schedule managed with original in-house implemented software developed for animation and fiction productions

Storyboard and Videoboard

Realized in ToonBoom Storyboard PRO. Art Supervision and Storyboard Direction. 2D Animation, CGI and mixed techniques

Art Direction

Experienced and skilled professionals at every stage of production to obtain quality products according to international standards.

Animation Tra-digital

in house animation paperless, cut out and tra-digital for different creative productions and markets

Post Production and Compositing

Finalization of audiovisual products to obtain international products.

Motion Graphics

the art of animation to explain the most complex and technical concepts in a simple and intuitive way

Web Project

Development and implementation for the most advanced web, mobile, and touch/interactive technologies to exploit all the potential of new media.